Enriched Air Diver

Ean DiverEnriched Air (Nitrox) can provide a number of benefits to divers depending on the type of diving they do. The PADI Enriched Air Diver Course is designed to teach you the procedures for safe, recreational no decompression diving using Enriched Air with 22% to 40% oxygen, with emphasis on enriched air with 32% and 36% oxygen. Padi Nitrox




John@southeasttechnicalscuba.com or bobby@southeasttechnicalscuba.com

  • Minimum Age:   15 years of age or older.

  • Course Duration:   This course will last 1 evening. There will be one classroom presentation.

  • Equipment Requirements:  Each student must have a mask, snorkel, fins, booties, weight belt with 10 percent of their body weight in lead, log book and the PADI Open Water Diving Manual. Tanks, Wet Suit, Regulator and Buoyancy Control Device can be rented at your local dive shop.

Cost:  $100.00Nitrox

Price includes the certification card and Instructor tuition only. All associated diving fees, books, pool fees, park fees, rental gear, etc; will be the responsibility of the student.
All dives must be completed to the Instructor’s satisfaction. The Instructor reserves the right to require further training and can refuse to issue a certification card if the students performance does not meet the course standards.

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